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How To Build Your Own Compost Tumbler

Simple Step by Step Instructions

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A Cost Effective Sustainable Solution!

Want to take your garbage into your own hands? Composting is an important part of sustainability. With increasing frequency we are seeing households begin to break the cycle of sending all of their trash and food waste to a landfill without a second thought. Why not use that perfectly good compostable material to grow your own produce and help the environment all in one fell swoop?

The creators of "Compost Is Cool", a compostable t-shirt line, give step by step instructions and visuals for creating your own compost tumbler. If you're new to composting you might be asking, "Why do I need to tumble my trash?" or even, "Compost Tumblr? I think I already follow them...". The composting process requires nitrogen, carbon, water, and air. If you create a compost pile, that pile needs to be turned regularly. The tumbler helps make that process easier. In dry environments, the closed container also helps to seal in moisture.

The DIY method seems to be the way to go here, as the least expensive tumblers for sale online ran about $100. The folks at "Compost Is Cool" show us how to make a device using mainly plywood and a 55-gallon plastic barrel. Much more cost effective and hey, who doesn't like to feel the satisfaction of having made something awesome with their own two hands?

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-- Brie Sullivan