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Here Comes The Sun: Documentary on Solar Energy Business

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Cost Effective Energy Now Possible

People driving through Southern Germany will see farm houses with solar panels everywhere. Even the hills are completely covered in solar panels!

Here Comes The Sun is a documentary from 2008 that shows you the near future. Although it is a few years old, it provides a fine background about the emerging business, the technology and where things are going.

The good news: it will soon be cheaper to produce solar energy than use fossil fuels. Solar's ability to compete with conventional energy sources called grid parity will open new markets and allow it to survive without subsidy. Though there are regional variations, most experts peg that cost at about $1 a watt.

The bad news: the current profit system is threatened by some of these technologies. The solar business model breaks up monopolies and creates more autonomy for everyone.

Be inspired here by the initiatives being taken by certain countries, (regrettably, not the US) and the amazing breakthroughs in solar technology, bringing the price down every year.

Germany now employs more people in the renewable energy field than in automotive and engineering together.

Prices for solar panels has decreased already to less then $1 dollar per Watt, since Chinese entrepreneurs entered the market. In the film we hear the estimate of $3 dollars but that's already history!

Here you can see the amazing new directions in solar technology, like the panels that seem no thicker than a yoga mat, that can be rolled out on top of flat factory roofs, turning them into mini electricity plants in no time.

Here Comes The Sun folks!

--Bibi Farber

This documentary was produced by VPRO