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Geo Exchange

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Let The Earth Heat and Cool Your Home

Geo Exchange is a system of heating and cooling that uses water and ground loops to use the earth as a heat sink or heat source in the winter. It sinks heat into the ground in the summer, as well as heating your hot water year round.

Water is circulated through polyethylene pipes in closed loops that are installed below the ground. The loops are connected to an extended range water source heat pump.

The environmental benefits are that this system is non-polluting, has no exhaust emissions, reduced CO2 emissions and requires a smaller amount of both power and refrigerant than conventional systems.

The upfront capital costs for a geo exchange system are 35-40% more, but annual savings with a system like this are about 60% over conventional heating and cooling costs. The payback for the system in this video was 6 years, and now the owner is making money on it.

--Bibi Farber

This video was produced by Fair Companies