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$1 Homemade Solar Shower

Yes, With Hot Water!

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Scavenged Objects = Practical Projects

John Starnes, a self proclaimed "dumpster diving tightwad since 1976", created this outdoor solar shower water heater, that uses just one gallon of either rain or tap water.

It only cost him $1, for the reflector he bought at Dollar Tree. The rest of these materials he reclaimed from dumpsters.

With the right positioning and the help of the reflector, 20 minutes in the sun is enough to heat up the water, plenty hot enough to shower in, by filling the jug painted black, with either rainwater or tap water.

"I love how scavenged objects can be the catalysts for creative and practical projects" he says.

Granted, he lives in South Tampa, Florida so the idea of showering outside everyday, which he does in whatever spot in the yard the water will most benefit his plants- may not be something we can all enjoy, but nonetheless: here is a simple, brilliant idea that serves to inspire our own exploration of ways to turn objects we already have into something useful -- and then share the knowledge! Thank you John Starnes!

--Bibi Farber