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Relearning Nature's Interdependence

In Pasadena, California the Dervaes family are the ultimate urban homesteaders. They have a real food producing farm in a suburban backyard, growing enough vegetables for the family to eat and even sell to local restaurants.

To be specific, on only 1/10 acre they harvest up to 6,000 lbs harvest annually, growing over 350 different vegetables, herbs, fruits & berries! The family of 5 all work on the microfarm and generate a living from it.

Here one of the grown daughters, Jordanne Dervaes is interviewed about the animals they keep in this space: goats, chickens and ducks!

One of the interesting points she makes here is that homesteading puts you in direct, daily symbiosis with the plants and animals -- whether it's convenient or not.

"Unfortunately it's seen as a trend and not many people see it as a lifestyle. For us it's a lifestyle. The animals have to be kept healthy and I have to dedicate and sacrifice for this in order for their health and our well being. It's not a hobby. It's what we live off of. It's up to the individual to really dedicate themselves to learning everything they can about the animals." says Jordanne Dervaes.

How beautiful, to be reminded that this level of profound interdependence with the animals and plants that support us IS still possible, and can be done on any plot of land in suburbia.

--Bibi Farber

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