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Is olive oil as healthy as you think it is?

A dietitian's opinion

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Olive oil isn't the health miracle people think it is

Jeff Novick, MS, RD, LD, LN; states that olive oil isn't as healthy as people in the US believe it to be.

He talks of a study that measured blood flow after an olive oil cooked meal was ingested. The blood flow decreased 31% for up to 6 hours after eating the olive oil.

When studied after eating a salad with olive oil, the blood flow still deceased but not as drastically.

The nutrients of the vegetables in the salad helped offset the negative side effects of the olive oil.

He says that a Mediterranean Diet is more healthy than a US diet NOT because of the olive oil but because it is high in fruits and vegetables.

Americans that use the Mediterranean Diet often don't up the fruits and vegetables but up the amount of olive oil used, which will hurt you more in the long run!