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Beekeeping Basics: Getting Started

Multiple Benefits

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Honey and Much More

If you've thought about beekeeping, this video covers some of the basics to think about.

What are some of the benefits of beekeeping? Depending on location, weather and the experience of the individual beekeeper, you may end up with an excess of 100 pounds of pure honey, and there is nothing like honey from your own hive. Royal jelly, beeswax and propolis can be harvested as well.

Pollination is another motivating factor, for those with gardens. Bees do nearly eighty percent of all pollination. This added pollination often means larger harvests. By simply having bees one can expect a garden to produce considerably more than it did before the beehive.

As pointed out in the website for Beekeeping For Dummies: "In many areas, millions of colonies of wild (or feral) honey bees have been wiped out by urbanization, pesticides, and parasitic mites, devastating the wild honey bee population. When gardeners wonder why they now see fewer and fewer honey bees in their gardens, it's because of the dramatic decrease in our wild honey bee population. Backyard beekeeping has become vital in our efforts to reestablish lost colonies of bees and offset the natural decrease in pollination by wild bees."

So beekeeping is beneficial to all living things: you, your garden, and amplifying the extremely vital bee population of the future.

--Bibi Farber

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