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Donate Fresh Produce!

Ample Harvest is a website that makes it easy for backyard gardeners to donate their excess harvest directly to the closest food pantry.

Anyone with a garden knows that there is often excess produce. The founder of this great system Gary Oppenheimer created a way to make it easy to find the food pantry closest to you and make the donation the very day you harvest it.

Simply key in your zip code and the list of local food pantries in distance order come up with a Google map.

49 million people in the US are "food insecure", but fresh produce has never been practical to donate within the food pantry system until now. It's always been limited to canned and dry goods.

"If we're having an ample harvest, the least we can do is give it to people who need it." says Oppenheimer, a CNN Hero, interviewed here by Ali Velshi.

There are about 40 million gardeners who grow in back and front yards. If even 20% of them begin to get in the habit of donating to the local food pantry, many thousands of people who need it most will have access to fresh, often organic produce.

--Bibi Farber

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