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Waste Management Now Collects Scraps For Compost

Maybe In Your Neighborhood?

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Only 2.5 % Of Organic Waste Is Currently Composted

"North America generates over 80 million tons of organic waste each year. In the United States, approximately a third of municipal solid waste is organic, including food, yard and wood waste. Approximately 65 percent of yard waste and 2.5 percent of food waste collected in the United States is currently diverted from disposal."

The above is from the website of Waste Management*, North America's largest waste disposal company.

It's music to our ears here at Nextworld TV: they now have a compost collection program!

I have experienced a few weeks in a country with mandatory compost collection: Sweden. It seems to work beautifully. People get disposable containers for the food scraps and deposit into receptacles placed evenly throughout residential areas.

If you are already signed up with Waste Management, and you are not composting on your own, get in touch with them see if this is offered in your area!

--Bibi Farber

*For more information and to see if collection is available in your area, see