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Plastic State Of Mind

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"We Use One Million Grocery Bags Every Single Minute"

Great video parody of the rap song Empire State of Mind (Jay Z with Alicia Keys), here comes Plastic State of Mind!

"You should have brought your own bag
Yeah but you forgot it though
You were busy dreaming of ice cream
and all that cookie dough
Your life is wrapped in plastic
Convenience is your motto
But plastic addiction's worse
than they want you to know
BP's oil spill
almost like we did it
We use one million grocery bags
every single minute"

Brought to you by director Ben Zolno, who has a terrific environmentally conscious site here:, and rap artist Ashel Eldridge.

Using music, comedy and the scary truth they send a healing message to the planet:

Ban Single Use Plastic Bags!


--Bibi Farber

Director Ben Zolno's site can be found here: