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Uses and Profits of Industrial Hemp

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Why Are We Not Growing Hemp?

A quick reminder that the rest of the world grows hemp, and profits from an amazing array of uses.

What are the uses for industrial hemp? Clothing, nutritious food and beverages, paper, building supplies, plastics, fuel, ropes -- hemp is even used in cleaning up soil contamination. This is just the beginning!

Hear Roger Johnson, who was the Agricultural Commissioner of North Dakota until 2009, explain that the US "ought to be in this business" to say the least. He feels it is almost criminal that the US does not take advantage of this extremely profitable crop.

Dr. Andrew Weil says: "If Americans ate more hemp, it would help correct the imbalance of essential fatty acids. I think we'd see a reduction of inflammatory diseases, lowering heart attack risk, cancer risk...the omega 3's are necessary for proper brain function."

There is so much potential for profit, and we are missing all of it. There are thousands of uses for hemp and the time has come for the U.S. government to legalize the growing of hemp so that we may benefit economically from this truly amazing plant.

--Bibi Farber