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The Invisible Danger of EMF: Electro Magnetic Frequency Radiation

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100 Million Times More EMF Today Than Two Generations Ago

We are under assault by a kind of pollution we have grossly underestimated: EMF radiation (Electro Magnetic Frequency Radiation).

It's not just your cell phone. The radiation emanates from your land line cordless phone, every electrical appliance and device in your home and office. Even if you unplugged all that - it's in the air: in the power lines surrounding us everywhere in developed areas. It may even be multiplied by orders of magnitude if you have a smart meter on your house instead of the old type of analog meter that measures electricity used.

We are exposed to 100 million times more EMF radiation than our grandparents. Brain cancer is up 25% according to this video.

Although there is not an easy positive note to conclude on, we can certainly curtail the use of cellphones, don't keep them close to our bodies, get rid of the microwave, and make sure no smart meter is installed on our home.

And pray there will be some way to protect ourselves from this invisible harm in the future.

--Bibi Farber