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Oceans Of Plastic

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Synthetic Sea

In 1999 scientists measured the ratio of plastic to food, in the remote Pacific Ocean.

They found an astounding 6:1 Yes there was 6 times more plastic for the fish to encounter than real food.

In 2008- the ratio at the same place was 46:1. FORTY SIX pounds of plastic for every one pound of food (zoo plankton).

And this colorful stuff the sea life mistake for food IS what they end up ingesting.

We are not just talking about a few unfortunate birds who get stuck in those rings that hold a 6 pack of beer together. We are talking about plastic fundamentally changing the ecosystem of sea life.

The plastic is not just that island of garbage we hear about, that's at least twice the size of Texas. It's worse: contamination of the oceans now include polymer dust particles, a by-product of manufacturing, that makes it's way into the watershed.

The oceans are completely contaminated with plastic waste. A single old plastic bag can trap, strangle and kill sea life, including coral. Fish, birds and turtles are eating unprecedented amounts of plastic, every day, all the time.

It is killing them, and poisoning our oceans.

-- Bibi Farber

This video was created by Bill MacDonald Productions