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Occupy Wall Street - Farmers Speech

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Together We Can Fix This Broken System

The Occupy movement is raising awareness about unfair corporate dominance in all areas of our world. Today's spotlight: Big Ag.

Jim Gerritsen is an organic farmer in Maine. He speaks here during the Occupy Wall Street Farmers March, December 4th NYC, to more than 500 farmers, food workers and sustainable food and agriculture activists.

He begins by this impassioned speech by stating: "The joblessness that they've created and the exit from the farms is directly related to the concentration of corporations in agriculture... and the quality of food that you're getting. This is all attributable to the corporate dominance of Big Ag."

He speaks about the importance of protecting organic seed, and is one of 83 plaintiffs in the Public Patent Foundation lawsuit against biotech seed and chemical giant Monsanto.

"We need to let everyone in the country, in rural America and in urban America know that we can't go on as it is. It's a system that's broken. Rural America and American farmers stand behind you. Your courage here in establishing the Occupy movement has 100% support -- the farmers of America are behind you."

--Bibi Farber

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