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News From The Revolution

Occupy Wall Street protesters have begun publishing their own newspaper!

A volunteer group runs the paper, called "Occupied Wall Street Journal" at a secret location.

50,000 copies of the first issue of the paper were gone within two days. So were 100,000 of the second issue.

Two main organizers of the Occupied Wall Street Journal newspaper are Arun Gupta and Jed Brandt, who also work on The Indypendent.

Jed Brandt explains: " What most Americans believe is not allowed on television. They have the same commentators, telling us the same issues over and over, pointing fingers, telling us who to hate and fear. We need to provide something for people all across the country that encourages them to directly participate."

The material ranges from quotes from Chris Hedges, Naomi Klein's speech, "5 Things You Can Do Now", as well as an introduction to the protest called “Occupation for Dummies".

“People reading this in subways, in parks, on streets, older people, people who are curious, who heard – there's a lot of noise being heard at Wall Street, what's this all about? You need words that are in print that shock and make the reader think,” says managing editor Michael Levitin.

The paper plans to go national. Meanwhile, although the below mentioned website is not a direct source, you can read the paper here and find instructions downloading:

Imagine: there is no website for this paper yet, because the urgency to go to print and get in into people's hands was played out in real time, old school 3D, down on Wall Street in October of 2011.

--Bibi Farber

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