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Monsanto Protection Act Authored By: Monsanto!

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Bill Protects The Biotech Industry From Being Sued

In 2007 President Obama called for immediate labeling of GMO foods. In late March of 2013 he let Monsanto write their own rules, effectively signing into law that the federal courts do not have the right to halt the sale and use of GMO crops, regardless of health concerns.

Yes, that is correct: The Monsanto Protection Act signed March 26th means Monsanto is now immune from Federal courts regarding any suspension or action on their crops that have been deemed to be dangerous to people or the environment. Yes, they actually authored the wording of it!

250,000 signatures were on Food Democracy Now's petition to Obama to stop it. We've never seen anything more blatant or more dangerous than the Monsanto Protection Act. There is even a provision that allows Monsanto to keep selling seeds which can go on to be planted, even if it is found to be harmful to consumers.

Author of "Seeds of Deception" Jeffrey M. Smith comments on this RT segment, and says we simply have to educate ourselves and boycott these products. Then we'll see companies eliminate them "even if the government is still marching lockstep with the biotech industry."

Support GMO free foods and let's put them out of business!

--Bibi Farber

This video was produced by RT