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Millions Against Monsanto

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You Deserve To Know It's GMO

Millions Against Monsanto is a campaign to demand that genetically engineered food be clearly labeled as such.

How much food are we talking about? There are 165 million acres of GMO crops in the US. More than one third of all the cropland: 91% of all soybeans, 88% of cotton, and 75% of corn.

In Europe, the people stood up and demanded that GMO food be clearly labeled. The result? They can easily see on the package if it's GMO or not. Not surprisingly, there is little or no GMO food in the stores.

We need to make that our reality in the United States.

It is crucial to join this campaign. Organized by the Organic Consumers Association, this is the season of action: activities, awareness raising, protests and petitions are gaining force in the coming months, culminating on October 16th 2011.

We need to KNOW if it's GMO. Can you start a campaign in your community? Spread the word.

-- Bibi Farber