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Growth= Poverty Vandana Shiva

Presented By The Festival Of Dangerous Ideas

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"It's Just That Pollution Isn't Counted."

Vandana Shiva, the activist, author and scholar gives a fascinating talk here about the idiocy, the tragedy and fallacy of speaking about "growth", which connotes progress and triumph - in terms of the GDP.

"I'm not an economist and that's why I can look at GDP and growth from the outside, where it hurts... where it hurts nature, eco systems, local communities. And it's at that level that our models of growth which are driving not just our economic paradigm, but the paradigm of how society should be, is creating poverty at so many levels." she says.

"The problem with the GDP as an abstract number is, it insulates itself from feedback- and no matter what scale of destruction takes place, there is no way to feed it back in... if you take China's and India's growth and add the destruction of the rivers- just our water bodies and our rivers because of pollution, we would be having a NEGATIVE growth. It's just that pollution isn't counted."

We love you Vandana!

--Bibi Farber

This video was produced by Festival Of Dangerous Ideas