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Genetic Roulette

Directed By Jeffrey Smith

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The Genetic Integrity Of Life On The Planet Is At Stake

"When you have the power to manipulate the entire structure of evolution, it would be irresponsible for any scientist, no matter how wise, to take that power and to use it without a full appreciation of it's consequences...No one has the right to play dice, to play roulette with the entire genetic integrity of life on the planet." says Tom Newmark, founder of Sacred Seeds, in this riveting documentary by Jeffery Smith.

The film spotlights the connection between the rise of GMO foods and the rise in health problems in the US, especially those related to gastro-intestinal disorders. The connection between GMOs and food allergies is alarming. Who are the most affected guinea pigs? Our children.

We've had an epidemic increase in cancer, obesity, allergies, autism, diabetes, asthma, and intestinal disorders. These are the same conditions that animals eating genetically engineered foods develop in the lab. The biotech industry is playing with our lives.

It bears repeating: there are NO long-term safety studies. The biotech industry conducts it's own studies, using flawed science.

We don't need to consent to being poisoned. Over 40 countries have labeling for GMO foods - and consequently they have very little of this toxic food on their shelves.

The fight for labeling in the US continues: See

--Bibi Farber

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