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Fracking In America

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Yet We Are The Customers...

This is an exceptionally informative, well produced piece on fracking and the natural gas industry in the US.

Energy Independence...yes, both candidates in the 2012 presidential election proudly declared the new age of independence from foreign oil. They both sang the praises of the natural gas boom. No matter who we voted for, Washington is Pro Fracking.

It's much worse than you think. Through aggressive lobbying, the US gas industry has secured exemptions from US environmental laws and regulations, little things like the the Safe Drinking Act. This permits them to inject known carcinogens and toxins into the ground. Public disclosure of certain fracking chemicals is strictly voluntary in most states.

The predicament we are facing is frightening.

This is well worth watching, and sending on to people who might not have seen any longer documentaries on the subject. It even features first hand testimony by a whistle blower from within the industry.

The real problem of course, at the end of the day, is: how can we live in a way that requires about 75% less energy? Until we can get that together, it's impossible to get to this problem at the root, which is: we are addicted to grotesque quantities of cheap energy, and we keep wanting more.

--Bibi Farber

This video was produced by Al Jazeera