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Fictitious Economy

with Vandana Shiva

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Economy For Real People and The Planet

The video features Vandana Shiva, author, scientist, writer and activist expressing breathtaking pearls of wisdom and insight that are especially resonant now, 5 years after this was filmed.

She speaks about the illusions of our economic system and globalization.

"Money used to be a medium of convenient exchange. It was never meant to be worth something in and of itself. It was a promise to pay the bearer...we have to come back to the economy of real goods and real services. The more we can remove money from our lives the more we will have real prosperity."

She speaks about the current economic system going further and further out of whack with reality. "You can multiply money fictitiously, but a tree will only grow at it's own pace and the false growth of the economy is destroying the real growth of the planet of people and culture."

She further underscores her point about destructive globalization by talking about the 200,000 Indian farmers who have committed suicide since Monsanto came to India. That number is from 2006, and counting.

--Bibi Farber