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Will Gardening be Outlawed?

This past November the Senate passed S-510, the Food Safety Modernization Act.

“Call it the corporate regulation monopoly act” says George Hemminger of Survive and Thrive TV, being interviewed here on Russia Today.

This is an extremely alarming piece of legislation. It is a triumph of Agribusiness, the industrialization tool for the entire US Food Supply. It criminalizes saving seeds, unless you are a multi-national giant. It mandates the use of chemicals.

Not surprisingly, there are strong connections between agribusiness (like Monsanto Corporation) and those supporting this bill.

There have been some amendments as it winds it’s way through the system. As mentioned in this clip, farms under $500,000 in revenue are said to be exempt.

But small organic farms, and even individual gardeners must keep a vigilant eye on these developments. It grants the FDA and the government more power to suppress and control the organic food supply. All in the name of our “safety”.

Has it really come to this: the federal government is telling us what we can put in our bodies and in our backyards?

I urge you to learn more about S- 510. Frightening, surreal, and it affects all of us.

--Bibi Farber