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Environmental Rights = Human Rights?

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Environment IS Life

Are environmental rights as important as human rights?

Yes they are.

When people's health and livelihoods are destroyed because of an environment that has become toxic, barren, and sterile the battle is one and the same.

In this video we meet Pablo Fajardo Mendoza, Ecuadorian lawyer representing 30,000 small farmers and indigenous people in a lawsuit against Chevron. After beginning oil extraction in 1964, the rivers and soil became toxic to the point where hundreds if not thousands of people died from cancer and leukemia. Two tribes became completely extinct. It resulted in an enormous and ongoing humanitarian crisis.

Deforestation is another way to destroy a people.

Damage to the eco system IS damage to the lives of the people closest to it.

This is not any less serious than what we traditionally consider shocking and unacceptable violations of human rights. Let's make the connection clear.

--Bibi Farber

This video was produced by Advocates For Our Earth: