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Drought In California: One Brewery's Solution

Welcome to Cloverdale, Sonoma County

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From Lawns To Beer, Everything's Changing

There are drought disaster areas in parts of 11 states in the US.

In California 90% of the state is experiencing a severe to exceptional water shortage.

Idle fields in California alone could cost up to 5 billion dollars in lost agriculture according to the California Farm Water coalition.

As the situation worsens, we hear all kinds of horror stories. Here is one interesting sign of the times. In this case we're talking BEER! Although in the long term, we have to question the very idea of growing any industry that uses astronomical amounts of water in it's production, we appreciate the cooperative spirit here.

The Bear Republic Brewing Company has entered into a public/private partnership with the small town of Cloverdale in Sonoma County to bring more wells into production. The brewery lent the town about half a million dollars to accelerate their well drilling, helping the infrastructure for everyone.

Drink up while you can!

--Bibi Farber

This video was produced by PBS News Hour