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A Silent Forest : Genetically Modified Trees

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A Forest That Kills... Everything

Dr. David Suzuki narrates this documentary on the subject of genetically modified trees. Indeed in the US, on over 150 test plots, these trees are growing right now.

They are bred for qualities that make them more cost effective for the paper industry and create destructive forests in ways we never thought possible.

What kind of traits do they have? The whole tree is a pesticide, for one. They are herbicide resistant. They are sterile and produce no seeds, nuts, fruit, pollen or nectar.

Instead they have BT toxin engineered into them. So they breed pesticide resistant insects. A forest that kills insects is catastrophic and causes widespread destruction to the eco system.

The BT toxin in the trees can also spread directly into the soil system... and to the groundwater and surface water. And we mentioned they were sterile... well, about 5% are not and that presents another nightmare waiting to happen.

In easy to understand terms, this movie explains the severe ramifications of infiltrating our lands with genetically modified trees and plants.

This amazing film won First Place in the EarthVision Environmental Film Festival.

Spread the word, please.

--Bibi Farber

This film was produced by Three Americas, and directed by Ed Schehl