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Sustainability At Occupy Wall Street

Pedal Power, Gray Water and More

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It's All Coming Together

Nextworld TV stopped by the sustainability station at Occupy Wall Street on October 24th and saw this pedal power system in action.

They also have a grey water system. Since there is an outdoor impromptu kitchen on site, water is used throughout the day for cleaning kitchen supplies. This grey water treatment set up cleans the water in stages, so that it can be used for watering the plants at Zuccotti Park!

Water is poured through a 50 gallon drum of wood chips and then continues down through two chambers with water loving plants, and comes out clean enough to water the flowers.

They set all of this up in the middle of Occupy Wall Street to send the message that we can co operate, that we can improve things together, that we can rethink the culture of waste.

One permaculture enthusiast working there says: "This is all about participation, not about watching it anymore, but making that shift.. taking an active part in building the world that we want to see... the change is going to come from all of us getting off the couch, getting off the computer, interacting with people. It's really magical, things are really starting to come together."

The sustainability station also collects compost and takes it to nearby community gardens, and they collect recyclables. Now we're talking!

--Bibi Farber