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Solar Powered Eco Eatery

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Having Fun!

The Habana Outpost is a sweet little cafe in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, New York that is the city's first solar powered eatery.

It doesn't stop there: The food is cooked in an out-of-commission old mail truck they have "recycled" for this purpose. They use corn-based plastic cups. To whip up your smoothie, someone has to get on the bicycle-powered blender for a minute or two. After the meal, the recycling and composting station is easy and in full view.

They have a complete rainwater harvesting system. The collected water goes first toward watering the plants on the premises then, to flush the toilets.

Habana Works also provides free, hands-on programs that celebrate urban environmentalism as a means of contributing to an educated and engaged community in Brooklyn.

Imagine if all restaurants had his much imagination in turning the eco corner?

--Bibi Farber

For more information on the Habana Outpost, visit:

This video was produced by the University of British Columbia