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Seattle's Bullitt Center

The Greenest Commercial Building In The World

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Sets A New Standard For Resilience and Self Suffciency

A virtually self sustaining office building? At the edge of Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood, the Bullitt Center is ready for business, and filling up quickly.

It's beyond simply being "green". All its water is supplied by rainwater collected in a 56,000 gallon cistern. They have composting toilets, a grand staircase with a view to discourage elevator use, and rooftop photovoltaics ready to produce 230,000 kilowatt hours a year, hopefully enough to break even with the energy use of the building. It is designed to last for 250 years, strives to produce zero waste and is made with no toxic materials.

The goal is to prove that carbon-neutral office space can be commercially viable.

The other goal is to be an example for others to build with these new and radical standards in mind. The real mission is to influence developers and architects, banks, city governments and well, really everybody, that these are the features buildings should have going forward.

Hoorah for The Bullitt Center...which by the way is designed to last 250 years!

--Bibi Farber

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