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LYFT: Take A Ride In The Sharing Economy

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People With Cars Helping People Without Cars

Instead of calling a taxi, you tap your smart phone app to request a ride. You get a photo of the driver, the car that's coming, and the reviews of the last five passengers he transported.

5 minutes later, a car pulls up - with a giant pink fluffy mustache. You get in the front seat and share conversation.

This is a service called LYFT, that enables regular people to make money driving their cars.

The movement is called collaborative consumption, the peer economy, the sharing economy. We can all be saving money - and making money, sharing what we already have. Brilliant!

LYFT started in San Franciso, but operates nationwide in the US.

Drivers are screened with DMV and background checks, and Lyft's platform has a first-of-its-kind $1M per occurrence excess liability insurance policy. Once a ride is complete, passengers are prompted to donate seamlessly through the app, paying about 20% less than a cab would cost.

--Bibi Farber

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