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Connecting Backyards and Farmers in Brooklyn

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Local and Organic In NYC

BK Farmyards finds underutilized land in NYC's backyards and converts it to...farmland! The owner gets 25% of the harvest and 75% is sold locally.

There are thousands of acres of unused land in NYC, and a nice backyard can feed 8-10 people for the 6 month growing season.

"I'm here to build a group of farmers and a group of people with land who are willing to allow us to farm it." says founder Stacy Murphy.

She credits the growing awareness of food politics to the interest in this venture. Thanks to people Michael Pollan, the word is out among about food miles. Now people want to buy locally and organic, more than ever before.

It comes as no surprise: the community around these backyard farms tends to come together more than before, thanks to BK Farmyards food celebrations.

There are thousands of acres of unused land in New York City, and this group would like to get them growing!

Brooklyn returning to farmland...very Nextworld!

--Bibi Farber

This video is produced by Food Curated