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Chickens In The City

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Reintroducing: Chickens and Goats!

Did you know that you are allowed to have 25 chickens and 5 goats in your backyard in the city of Atlanta?

Indeed, these laws were put in place and have remained unchanged since the time when people...kept chickens and goats!

And now they are back.

"It was important to us as a family that we understand where our food comes from and that we participate in creating our food" says Michael, interviewed in this clip.

"It is about shifting from COMMODITY based agriculture to COMMUNITY based agriculture." says Alice from the Virginia Highland section of Atlanta.

It is about no longer being willing to support inhumane factory farms. It is about the common sense of keeping food local, not shipping generic, inferior food for hundreds or thousands of miles. It's about being connected to what you eat.

If you live in a city and want to go for it: just check the local ordinances -- and
have a chat with your neighbors -- offer to share the eggs!

--Bibi Farber