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Bright Farms: Farming Indoors

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Efficient Farming

Can growing food in the middle of a city be not only possible -- but profitable as well?

That is the question for Bright Farms, an offshoot of NY Sunworks who have built a variety of urban farms to test the feasibility.

The Science Barge on the Hudson River is one of their projects. It is a hydroponic farm that could grow 20 times more produce than a field of similar size, if it were year round.

Right now it is a very promising prototype. It's off the grid, powered by a combination of solar, wind and bio diesel.

A system like this uses somewhere between 5- 10 times less water than conventional agriculture, because it's a closed loop system.

Bright Farm's goal is to see their greenhouses on top of inner city supermarkets.

What could be a brighter idea? Cut out the transportation, cut out the fossil fuels, cut the water waste, provide fresh vegetables -- and make a profit!

--Bibi Farber

For more on Bright Farms see Since 2011, BrightFarms has partnered with 7 major supermarkets chains and has 7 commercial-scale greenhouses in development. The company has raised over $10 million in equity and has $80 million in contracted backlog.

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