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Solar Powered Vehicle Developed In Pakistan

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Solar Power and Old Bicycle Parts = Vehicle

Farrukh Khan, a student at the University of Engineering & Technology, Pakistan has successfully built a solar powered vehicle, named Solaron.

It has a battery charged by solar panels sitting on top, that drives the DC motor used to power the vehicle.

The student who built it says that most of the parts used in this vehicle are from an old bicycle, including tires and shock absorbers! The framework however is custom built, made from aluminum to make it lighter.

It can go about 18 miles an hour on smooth road.

Weighing about 130 pounds, the vehicle is 7 ft. long and 3.5 ft. wide. There is a 40 watt photovoltaic canopy, that provides a shade for driver as well.

Note that this is just the prototype -- no telling how far and how fast this vehicle will go...

--Bibi Farber