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Rent A Car From Someone Nearby

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Part Time Cars Here!

What a great way to rent a car: put the money right in your neighbor's pocket, and have your choice of nearby cars.

A company called Get Around San Francisco has made peer to peer car sharing easy, safe and offers flexible pricing.

Owners set the rental fee for their cars, which range from $5-15 per hour, or a daily rate may apply. The company takes a 30% commission and provides insurance, so there is no risk for the owner. There is no fee to join.

With this format, the expenses of owning a car in an urban area can be consistently offset - and what a great solution for those who only need wheels now and then!

The more stuff we can share, the less we have to buy/maintain/discard and the more we will all have when we need it!

--Bibi Farber

This video was produced by Channel 5 News