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NYC's Bike Share: Largest In US

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Horses, Cabbies, Buses, Subways, Ferries... BIKES!

"I am thrilled to declare that as of this moment, Citibike, New York's safe and affordable 24/7 transportation network and the largest bike share program in the country is officially launched." says Mike Bloomberg, mayor of New York City.

On Memorial Day 2013 the city rolled out Citibike. 6,000 bikes are in action now, and another 4,000 are coming. There are 330 docking stations in Manhattan and Brooklyn, and another 270 will follow.

Welcome to the Big Apple. Now you can see the sights and get where you're going on bicycle!

A yearly pass is $95, a weekly pass is $25 and a daily one is $9.95.

Well done New York!

--Bibi Farber

This video was produced by Street Films