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Bikes, Trees, Cafes? Outrageous Instant Community Transformation in Texas

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Guerilla Urbanism

This is one of the most joyful, funny and uplifting presentations we have ever posted on Nextworldtv. Here is someone who will revitalize your spirit as much as he revitalized his town.

Arts activist Jason Roberts will have everybody rethinking what is possible in their communities after watching this video. He lives in Oak Cliff, near Dallas TX. He's responsible for some of the most outrageous initiatives, going out of his way to break every ordinance in a neighborhood in order to show people, just for one weekend, what kind of transformation is possible.

On a desolate, depressing Texas street that for the last 70 years has only had cars and traffic in mind, he painted on his own bike lanes. He created outdoor seating areas. He set up trees and plantings just for the weekend. Instant cafes and arts centers were created.

The message in his enthusiastic talk is not just about what a great time they had with these radical techniques to get people to rethink a city space, and turn it back into being about and for people. What surprised even him was the unbelievable level of support and response he got -- and how many joined his bandwagon and remain committed to a new vision that is possible.

It's a ground swell. This is how you get things going folks!

--Bibi Farber

This video was produced by Ted Talks
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