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Taking Steps Together

There are over 160 official Transition Town initiatives in the world today. These are towns that have taken structured, organized steps toward a managed “transition” away from fossil fuel dependency.

They are actively moving in the direction of creating local agriculture, a strong local economy, low- carbon transportation methods, and in the process, reducing waste, pollution and bringing the community together.

I want to emphasize: regardless of your conclusions about Peak Oil and Global Warming, if you are inspired by sustainability, permaculture, re-localization and straight up common sense -- the Transition Town movement is one follow.

As the author of the “Transition Town Handbook” Rob Hopkins says of the post-carbon future: "We are unleashing the collective genius of the community to engage in this hugely important question."

In this video you will meet people from New Zealand, England, Scotland and Ireland who enthusiastically share their thoughts on steps taken towards visionary projects the community has undertaken.

Don't miss the adorable Scottish kid who explains that if you can't join a transition town initiative where you live- you can start one!

-- Bibi Farber