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"Transition Town Totnes"

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Growing Together

This is what happens when people start doing things together!

Transition Town Totnes (UK) has spawned some truly inspiring and enduring initiatives.

The Transition Streets Group started with 2 groups of neighbors and grew to 56. They started coordinating recycling efforts, started sharing seeds, digging community gardens and organized swaps to exchange belongings.

They have community meals together, and are planning an orchard together.

The Transition Vision is that every community can engage its collective creativity to unleash an extraordinary and historic transition to a future beyond fossil fuels; a future that is more vibrant, abundant and resilient; one that is ultimately preferable to the present.

The Transition approach is very much a study of permaculture in itself. It asks not: How can we make sure people take action the way we know they ought to and grow food, start composting, install solar panels, etc?" No, it asks: what is already going on in this town and how can we maximize the interchange and benefit of all the commerce and activity already in motion - regardless of people's views, politics, awareness of energy issues etc.

--Bibi Farber

For more information on Transition Towns- and how to start your own, visit: