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One Young Man's Vision For Global Restoration

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A Society of Healing

A young man created this video to send us all a message: We can fix this mess.

This video is about his compelling vision for healing the planet. Here is his recipe for "Global Restoration".

He is inspired by the Occupy Movement, but believes that we need a universal perspective that runs much deeper than simply correcting the ills within our financial system.

He says: "Until activists realize that it is an INDUSTRIAL MODEL of our civilization that we are up against and not just certain policies within that system, then we will have to be content with subtle shift and no serious change."

He envisions small sustainable communities outside of cities that act in concert to restore the land and the eco systems.

Idealistic? Yes. Utopian? Yes. Realistic? We shall see.

The point is that he feels strongly enough about changing the world, and articulating a plan that he puts forth these ideas about replacing the violent society with a society of healing.

--Bibi Farber

This video was created by Andrew, whose Youtube Channel is called TheLionTroll. He can be reached at