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Root Cellars

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Keeping Food Cool For Free

A root cellar was an essential part of every home in the days before fresh produce was available in supermarkets year-round.

Nestled in the earth, a root cellar maintained a temperature just above freezing and provided practical food storage for root crops, apples, meats and cabbages throughout a long winter.

More people are rediscovering the wisdom of constructing a place to store unprocessed, homegrown edibles. Even though building a root cellar requires a fair investment in labor and materials, the finished shelter uses absolutely no operating energy and demands no maintenance or upkeep.

This is a great way to retain as much as possible of the local crops when they are in season.

You can transform a corner of your basement into a root cellar, or dig a hole outside.

There are many considerations and guidelines to explore outside of this brief introduction, so enjoy learning more! This is a great time to plan for the fall and all it's bounty.

--Bibi Farber

This video was produced by E How.