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Pallet House: Low Tech Architecture

Transitional Refugee Shelter

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Rethinking Shelter

The inspiration for the Pallet House came from this fact: 84% of refugees could be housed with a year's supply of recycled American pallets.

A 250 square foot Pallet House requires 100 recycled pallets lifted and nailed into place by 4 or 5 people using hand tools in under a week.

This pallet house, designed by I Beam Design, was conceived as a transitional shelter for returning refugees.

The Pallet House adapts to most climates on earth and provides a durable, more lasting solution to housing some of the world's 33 million displaced people who spend an average of 7 years in refugee camps.

This is a practical example of low tech architecture that can help people right now, using materials destined for the dump we had not considered for home building!

--Bibi Farber

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