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How To Create A Low Maintenance Green Roof

Significantly Lower Cooling And Heating Costs

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Raise The Green Roof!

Green roofs such as sod roofs in Northern Europe have been around for centuries, and are gaining popularity now for several reasons.

In Chicago, the city passed codes offering incentives to builders who put green roofs on buildings. Almost 10% of German roofs have been greened already!

Studies show these roofs can significantly lower the temperature in urban areas and reduces storm water run off, as well as contributing aesthetic value and cleaner air.

For individuals, of the most important benefits of green roofs are that cooling and heating costs are significantly reduced.

This video offers a simple set of guidelines for how to go about building a green roof.

You only need 4 inches of soil, a moisture barrier and an idea of how to select the right plants.

Surprise! They are quite low maintenance and need no watering.

--Bibi Farber