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Eco Small Holdings In Wales

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"Solutions Are Going To Come From The People"

NOTE: Raise the volume on this one!

The Tir y Gafel ecovillage aspires to be a replicable model for low-impact development in Pembrokeshire, Wales.

Nine families lived there at the time of this filming. They are self sustainable: living off the grid, producing food, having built low impact houses using alternative energy sources.

They are taking advantage of legislation in Wales which allows low impact sustainable communities to go build eco-small holdings on open countryside. Under the TAN 6 Policy Guidance (Welsh Assembly Government), there is now a planning framework which accommodates low-impact development.

Think of it as getting a little help and encouragement from the government to live off the land. And bring the land BACK!

Using permaculture techniques, they are making marginally productive land into maximally food producing land. They are aiming for a 40% increase in productivity. They have plenty of volunteers who simply want to learn the techniques to be able to live this way.

Says one resident: "I don't think governments are going to provide the solution to the challenges. I don't think our economic system or our corporate structures are going to provide the solutions we need. I think solutions are going to come from people."

-Bibi Farber

This website has all the information on the development of eco villages in West Wales.

This video was produced by The Guardian