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A Breathtaking Vision

In 1975 the Federation of Damanhur was formed in Northern Italy. It’s founder Oberto Airaudi conceived it as a laboratory for the future of humanity, a social and political experiment in the form of an intentional community. His vision was a social experiment founded on solidarity, spirituality and sharing. There are now 1,000 people in the community, including children born there.

Each house has a specific project that it focuses on for the benefit of the whole, such as agriculture, energy or education. The idea is that small groups, working together in a co ordinated fashion, can accomplish what governments can not. The most fascinating accomplishment of Damanhur are the Temples of Humanity- all built underground. They are massive underground catacombs characterized by mosaics, frescoes, sculpture and lighted overhead domes of stained glass. The Italian government didn’t even know about them until a few years ago.

This video is one of seven parts that explores the breathtaking scenery at Damanhur, Voted the “Most Beautiful Community in the World” by Communities Magazine in 2007. There is art and beauty everywhere: on the outside walls of the group houses you’ll see brightly painted scenes of giant flowers, animals, bugs or underwater seascapes, large and small sculptures on homes and community buildings scattered throughout the grounds.

“Damanhur was founded to realize a dream, the dream of a society based upon optimism and on the fact that human beings could be the masters of their own destiny without having to depend on other forces outside of themselves”
-- Founder, Oberto Airaudi

"The Temples are a great laboratory where art and science, technology and spirituality are united in the research of new roads for the evolution of humanity" says their website.

What a vision- see for yourself!

-- Bibi Farber