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Co- Housing in Fresno

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Pooling resources makes more sense all the time...

Here is a community – in Fresno, CA that has figured out how to have a richer life by sharing resources. Co -Housing is a movement that has it’s origins in Denmark, and is now picking up speed now in the US.

Two main components are the concept of community, and of a more ecologically sustainable lifestyle and housing. When a few dozen people that live on shared grounds are pooling resources such as food producing gardens, water systems, and a common space for shared meals – the expense and footprint goes way down Add to that: sharing transportation, sharing everything from stepladders to washing machines- and you have a recipe for a common sense lifestyle!

Really- why should we all have our own lawnmowers, outdoor grills or even hedge clippers? Why not share that? Trace the money you have to earn to buy all the suburban trappings -- and trace the life of the product from manufacturing to garbage heap. We can cut that into fractions- and still have all that stuff when we need it!

The residents here at La Querencia speak in the video about the comfort of the community, and how it adds balance and joy to their lives. The kids get more “uncles and aunts” … well, everyone gets more family and friends in a bond that is more comprehensive than just polite neighbor relationships.

No loneliness, no isolation.

Imagine if Americans can begin to re think their space and their belongings…and share resources, share meals, share land. See how this one works—it’s just the beginning!

--Bibi Farber