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12 Cubed Micro Home

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Less House, Less Stuff, Less Debt

What is 12 feet wide, 12 feet tall and 12 feet long?

Could be the dimensions of your next house. James Stuart, owner of 12 Cubed, designs these small houses and is based on Vancouver Island, Canada.

The interest however, is worldwide, with their website getting hits from all over the globe.

Small house architects are in big demand. A smaller house means less stuff and less debt. Less debt means more freedom, more self sufficiency and more free time.

The city of Victoria is even considering tax breaks for small home owners. Clearly, the Mcmansion fad is not coming back.

The typical suburban garage full of stuff? It's now the perfect site for a "twelve cubed" cottage like residence, that costs about $20,000 (USD)

--Bibi Farber