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Year-Round Gardening at 6,000 Feet

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A Geodesic Greenhouse

In the Grow Dome you can grow food year round, even in harsh climates with challenging growing conditions.

The geodesic greenhouse featured here in Colorado, at 6,000 feet is literally a lush hothouse of fresh vegetables and herbs. Permaculturist Breigh Peterson takes us on a tour of the 2 acre property, where everything has multiple purposes. In the dome, fish tanks are moderating the temperature. Vertical trellises maximize the indoor space.

Enjoy this fantastic example of how to grow food in a small space, throughout the year, pretty much anywhere. It is absolutely possible!

--Bibi Farber

This TV show comes to us from Peak Moment TV - Locally Reliant Living For Challenging Times - and is produced by Janaia Donaldson and Robyn Mallgren.