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Japanese Permaculture Legend: Masanobu Fukuoka

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"Do Nothing, Natural Farming"

"The One Straw Revolution" is a book written in 1975 by Masanobu Fukuoka, a Japanese farmer and philosopher, now acknowledged as a major influence on permaculture.

He writes about his philosophy and the Four Principles of Natural Farming: no cultivation, no chemical fertilizer or prepare compost, no weeding by tillage and herbicides, and no dependence on chemicals.

He called it "do-nothing, natural farming".

Even though his methods require less labor, it can result in higher yields for your farm or garden.

This short film is narrated by the book's editor Larry Korn. In 1973, he was under the tutelage of Mr. Fukuoka, who lived in Shikoku Island, Japan.

The natural simplicity and essence of being in harmony with nature resound in the wise quotes of Mr.Fukuoka.

"Unless people can become natural people there can be neither natural farming nor natural food."

"Natural Farming is not simply a way of growing crops, it is the cultivation and perfection of human beings."

We continue to learn from this amazing master!

--Bibi Farber

This film is produced and edited by Joy and Daniel Davis of Beyond 50 Productions.