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Fukuoka's Student: Larry Korn Remembers

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Lived in a Food Forest

Larry Korn spent three years with Masanobu Fukuoka and did the translation for the book "One Straw Revolution".

He speaks about the time with the master, and especially how surprised he was to learn that there is no real reason for tilling the soil, except that it has always been done that way.

Fukuoka was one of the pioneers in the no-till movement. Under his tutelage Korn learned that tilling the soil breaks up the structure, messes up the microorganisms, leaves the soil open to erosion and more.

They lived in a virtual food forest.

"I never felt like I had what I needed in such abundance, and with no anxiety. It was great!"

Larry Korn is now a permaculture instructor in Ashland, Oregon.

--Bibi Farber

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