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Biodynamic Farming

Pioneered By Rudolf Steiner

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Acupuncture For The Earth

In 1924, at the request of German farmers concerned about the decline in soil and animal fertility, Rudolf Steiner, an Austrian scientist, gave a series of lectures suggesting ways to work with the energies of the earth, moon, sun and planets as well as plants to heal the earth.

A primary aim of biodynamic practice is to revitalize the soil and make it receptive to all the forces of the cosmos. Emphasis is placed on the integration of crops and livestock, recycling of nutrients, maintenance of soil, and the health and well being of crops and animals. Cover crops, green manures and crop rotations are used extensively and the farms foster bio-diversity.

In biodynamics it is believed that there is nowhere quite like your garden. It has its own combination of soil, microorganisms and micro climate.

"Bio dynamic is the best possible acupuncture for the earth. It is reinforcing the life of the earth in a specific spot, a tiny spot -- but it does affect in a much much broader way on all the body of the earth." says Nicolas Joly, wine grower.

This video shows a group of students, some skeptical, learning about bio dynamic methods and teachings.

Can planting and harvesting by the cycle of the moon really make a big difference?

--Bibi Farber